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Selected Publications:


Searching for Nabokov’s Unreal Estate in Russian Life
A Russian Jewish American Christmas in Guernica 
I love (and hate) dating Russian Men in Salon.com 
Why do most Russian women hate feminism? in RBTH for The New York Times
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please in LadyGunn


Enjoy your Russian bathhouses in RBTH for the New York Times
Russia’s Silent But Deadly AIDs epidemic in VICE
Meet Zhirinovsky, the Clown Prince of Russian Politics in VICE 
10 Ukranian Reactions to the Standoff in Crimea in Buzzfeed 
 “Guide to Brighton Beach” in Brooklyn Exposed
Red Hook: A Journey to the 1950s Eastern Bloc, Maine, and the Florida Keys in Brooklyn Exposed 
“Tunnel Tracks” in Brooklyn Exposed
Teaching American Sex to Chinese Students in Nerve
32 Photos That Prove Oxford is an Awe-Inspiring Wonderland in BuzzFeed
“Brooklyn, I Lurve You: Woody Allen’s Brooklyn” in Brooklyn Exposed 


“Freedom Graffiti Art in Russia and Syria” in site95 (02.03)
Review: Daniel Arsham’s ‘Reach Ruin’” in Whitewall Magazine
Review of “Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812″ in Brooklyn Exposed 
Interview with Williamsburg author Roof Alexander in Brooklyn Exposed 
Review of Jurassic Park in 3D in CMC
Review of Great Gatsby in Examiner.com 
Review of Before Midnight in Brooklyn Exposed 
Review of Iceman in CMC
Review of Mud in CMC


Top 10 Shakespearean Pick-Up Lines in Nerve.com 
An A-Z Guide to Woody Allen’s Thoughts on Love in Nerve.com 
23 Ways Dimitri from ‘Anastasia’ Was a Major Heartthrob in Buzzfeed
23 Signs Your Jane Austen Addiction is Getting out of Hand in Buzzfeed
26 Types of English Majors in Buzzfeed
23 Things Only Russian-Americans Will Understand in Buzzfeed
Which Classic Author is Your Soulmate in Buzzfeed


“To Dream or not to Dream: The Philosophical Quandary of Platonov’s ‘The Foundation Pit’” in The Birch


“The Scandalous Truth About Russian Men” by Natalia Antonova, Editor-in-Chief of Moscow News
“Reconciling Feminist Beliefs with Sexual Desires” Interview on Huffington Post Live

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