Diana Bruk was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and emigrated to New York at the age of five. She studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College, and completed a Masters in Comparative Literature (English and Russian) at the University of Oxford. She has taught English language and literature in the Czech Republic, Russia, the UK, and the top university in China.

Her essays, short stories, and scholarly articles have regularly appeared in the New York Times, The Paris Review, Salon, VICE, Guernica, BuzzFeed and many other magazines. She is currently the Viral Content Editor at Hearst Digital Media, where she writes several online stories a day for all 18 of the company’s online platforms, including Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Esquire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Country Living, and many more.

You can follow Diana Bruk on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Selected Publications

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Searching for Nabokov’s Unreal Estate in Russian Life
A Russian Jewish American Christmas in Guernica 
Why is Soviet literature missing in US universities? in The Paris Review 
What Everyone Gets Wrong About ‘Leviathan’ in Russian Life
No country for a Russian-American like me in Salon
 I love (and hate) dating Russian Men in Salon.com 
I Went on Vacation to Mexico with a Man I’d Never Met in MarieClaire
Why do most Russian women hate feminism? in RBTH for The New York Times
Why Russians Kinda Like Vladimir Putin in VICE 
How Much Have Things Changed for Women in Technology? in Marie Claire 
Why I Regret Choosing to Attend Prestigious Universities in Seventeen
In the Army Now in The Times of Israel 
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please in LadyGun
Metro Zoo in Russian Life (cover story)


What It’s Really Like for an American to Visit Cuba Right Now in HouseBeautiful
Enjoy your Russian bathhouses in RBTH for the New York Times 
Past Meets Present in Russian folk in RBTH for the New York Times
To No One’s Surprise, Russia Has a Booming Black Market for Stolen Dissertations in Esquire
Country Living in Russia: An Ode To Shabby Splendor in Country Living 
Meet Zhirinovsky, the Clown Prince of Russian Politics in VICE 
Teaching American Sex to Chinese Students in Nerve


Interview with Elizabeth Wurtzel: “Nothing’s Off the Record” in BuzzFeed
Lowe and Behold: In Conversation with Rob Lowe in Redbook
Tom Felton Reveals What Really Happened Between Him and Emma Watson on the Harry Potter Set in Seventeen
“Freedom Graffiti Art in Russia and Syria” in site95 (02.03)
Review: Daniel Arsham’s ‘Reach Ruin'” in Whitewall Magazine
Review of Jurassic Park in 3D in CMC
Review of Great Gatsby in Examiner.com 
Review of Iceman in CMC
Review of Mud in CMC

Viral Content 

This Twentysomething Makes $120,000 Getting Squashed By Big, Beautiful Women in Cosmopolitan
These Love Notes Between 2 Neighbors Are The Height of Romance in Cosmopolitan
Why Everyone Slamming Taylor Swift’s Love Life Need to Stop Right Now in Seventeen
Best Boyfriend Ever Made His Girlfriend a Nimbus 2000 for Christmas in Seventeen 
Deconstructing Your Sexual Attraction to ‘Making a Murderer’s Dean Strang in Elle
15 Stunningly Surreal Autumn Paths in Country Living
12 Insane Photos of Wednesday’s Buffalo Snowstorm in Country Living 
Ugly Sweater Suits Are Here And They Must Be Stopped in Esquire
This Mother Sacrificed Her Own Life To Save Her Child in Womans Day 
23 Signs Your Jane Austen Addiction is Getting out of Hand in Buzzfeed
26 Types of English Majors in Buzzfeed
Which Classic Author is Your Soulmate in Buzzfeed


“To Dream or not to Dream: The Philosophical Quandary of Platonov’s ‘The Foundation Pit'” in The Birch


“The Scandalous Truth About Russian Men” by Natalia Antonova, Editor-in-Chief of Moscow News
“Reconciling Feminist Beliefs with Sexual Desires” Interview on Huffington Post Live
“What Is A Viral Content Editor?” Interview on Reynolds Journalism Institute Future Lab


5 Responses to About

  1. Taylor Foxman says:

    would love to connect loved your bernie piece!

  2. tyson says:

    Your article about the AR-15 could not be more wrong. Do you check facts before you write or do facts even matter? The AR-15 is NOT a “military-grade assault rife”. It’s a semi-auto rifle, nothing more. Next time check your facts, unless you don’t care about facts and just make shit up because it makes good copy.

  3. Chad says:

    So, I am a gun guy, but I grasp your views on the gun piece written about purchasing an ar in 7 minutes. I am a gun dealer, 07 manufacturer (licensing terms meaning I can make machine guns and other more heavily regulated items). I saw some of your articles on a yahoo news feed and am not very technical savy. I do understand the fear from the less informed people about some of the guns and the media hype surrounding the gun situation, I also understand that if it wasn’t for a large percentage of idiot gun owners, we wouldn’t be in this issue. I don’t know how to contact you, but I would be interested in talking more with you and filling in some of the blanks. Personally, 7 minutes to buy an ar is a victory, proving the effectiveness of our current system in checking a person’s ability to buy a firearm. Again, I know your stance, you know mine. I’d love to learn about yours, if youd like to learn about mine, please find a way to reply to me, as I’m not very computer techy.

  4. Alex says:

    Diana you based your life goals off of American sitcoms and movies and then wrote a book about why society pressured you to be a drunk. You give women a bad name. Your not supposed to want to live like your in a movie, especially a comedy. Your article on blacking out just makes females seem uneducated. My friend who I read your article to, who is female, is appalled. Your article uses gifs of fraisure and other comedy’s and dramas to support how “pop culture” influenced you to drink. You even said the fastest path to be your best self was to drink. Idk who raised you but you should blame them. Not movies. Some of us are able to watch FICTIONAL STORIES and not base our life and ideas off of it. Look at me, I’m not some pop culture womanizer because I enjoyed movies. Blame yourself and go home.

  5. I enjoyed your Salon pieces. Very on-point.

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